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Happy 2020!
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Ordering Kava by Rex is easier than ever! (view products)

Kava by Rex has almost 25 years of experience with kava and has been selling it to family, friends and fellow kava drinkers
in Honolulu, Hawaii for the same amount of time. It was only in October 2009 that we decided to start a website in order
to help educate anyone interested in kava and also to provide easy accessibility to some fine kava examples.

We are always dedicated to offer the best possible kava and prices that we can as always. If your favorite variety is out of
stock, please send us an email anytime to be among the first to be notified when it's available again. Thank you!

Kava by Rex is always working hard to keep our inventory updated in order to bring you great whole-herb kava directly from
Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii, etc. All of our kava is 100% chemical/pesticide free and non-GMO :)

**Important! Ordering from us means that you have read our product disclaimer below and also our shipping information.

Feel free to contact us anytime!
*Scroll down to view more kava and also for our important Shipping Information and Product Disclaimer.
The descriptions below are from my own personal experience. Individual benefits may vary.
Isa/Tudei   V3 Premium kava   Tongan Pride kava   

Vanuatu Isa/Tudei specialty kava
Price: $56.00 @ pound

back soon

1-01-20 Our Isa/Tudei kava
is out of stock at the moment. Send
us an email anytime with your name and
email adress to be among the first to
be notified when it is available again
Thank you to everyone for your
kind support and patience!

Our Isa/Tudei kava is considered a
specialty kava not only because of it's
limited availability, but also it's extremely
high DHM content. It's not "spiked" with
Isa, it is Isa! This makes it very strong
in the body arena, especially good for
relaxing muscles and relieving physical
and mental stress, but not for everyone.
Isa and Tudei are speculated to be
"piper wichmanii" one of the original
wild strains from Papua, New Guinea
and Vanuatu and the possible origin of
present day kava.
*Not recommended for those new to
kava due to extreme potency. Do not
take in large doses, effects take about
one hour to reach full potential and
can last for many hours.



V3 premium kava
Price: $49.00 @ pound

back soon

1-01-20 Our Vanuatu3 kava
is out of stock at the moment. Send
us an email anytime with your name and
email adress to be among the first to
be notified when it is available again
Thank you to everyone for your
kind support and patience!

Our V3 Premium kava is a very
exceptional offering and has a very
nice Kavain content making it a
popular pick.
It is an absolutely wonderful all
lateral root kava that is very
smooth and easy to drink,
with a well rounded cerebral and
muscle relaxing action that is not
too heavy.


Tongan Pride kava
Price: $49.00 @ pound

back soon

1-01-20 Our Tomgan Pride kava
is out of stock at the moment. Send
us an email anytime with your name and
email adress to be among the first to
be notified when it is available again
Thank you to everyone for your
kind support and patience!

Our Tongan Pride kava is said to be
as strong as a Tongan Warrior! This
A+ grade kava is another new shipment.
With a spicy kickback, it is a beautiful
& tasty kava example that is perfect
for stress relief, social situations and
everyday enjoyment.



Fiji Waka kava
Price: $49.00 @ pound

back soon!

1-01-20 Our Fiji Waka kava
is out of stock at the moment. Send
us an email anytime with your name and
email adress to be among the first to
be notified when it is available again
Thank you to everyone for your
kind support and patience!

Fiji Waka kava is world renowned
to be a powerful kava.
Our Waka kava has a great tired-
muscle ease and stress-relief effect
due to it's higher DHM content which
will take about an hour to reach full
potential and will last at least 6-8
(or more) hours. It's wonderful
effects will also be somewhat
cerebral as well.
Overall it is a fresh, well-rounded
kava that is very smooth and fit for
a King or Queen ;)





Shipping Information:
Kava by Rex offers great shipping prices for all domestic and international orders!
All orders are shipped either via USPS Priority Mail (Standard) flat-rate service or Express Mail flat-rate.

We usually are able to ship orders within 24 hours after payment received or by the very next business day, Monday thru
Friday. Cut-off time for all orders to be shipped the next day and any changes made to an order is 12am HAST.

It's very important to make sure -ahead of time- that your Shipping Address sent to us with your payment is correct to avoid any problems with delivery. Once a shipment has left our premises, there is no way for us to change the shipping adress on the parcel(s).

Please note that there may be a small charge incurred for any order cancellations - exactly how much or if at all will depend on the order.

Domestic Customers click here to view your shipping options and prices.

International Customers click here to view your shipping options and prices and to view our International Shipping Disclaimer which you can also find below. As of 11-2013, we are no longer able to ship to Australia due to government restrictions.

Overseas Military Servicemembers click here to view your shipping info and prices as we will ship to your APO/FPO address!

We choose to not mark up our shipping costs and actually do not charge extra for packing and handling. This applies to all domestic and international orders!

*Save on shipping cost by doubling up!
Two pounds fit in one Express or Priority Mail flat-rate envelope and will cost the same as one pound to ship. Many take advantage of this to save on shipping cost.

*If you happen to be in Honolulu or on the island of Oahu and are interested in scheduling a kava pick-up instead of ordering through our online shopping cart, feel free to send us an e-mail request.

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*Product Disclaimer:
The literature provided here has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult a health professional before taking any of these products if you are pregnant, nursing a baby or taking any prescription medications. Kava may interfere with MAOI's and medication for Parkinsonism. This product should not be taken with any alcoholic beverages. Excessive consumption may impair one's ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Kava is not recommended for persons under the age of 18.

Kava by Rex, our parent company Earth Venue Hawaii, LLC and our suppliers assume absolutely no responsibility for any adverse reactions resulting from the use of these products and you as the buyer agree to hold the companies and entities mentioned above free from any liability, whatsoever. Kava is a diverse, whole herb product and we simply cannot guarantee your satisfaction. Kava by Rex does not accept returns on any of our products. All sales are final.

Your purchase from Kava by Rex implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. If you do not understand completely or completely agree with any of the statements in this Product Disclaimer, you should not purchase any of our kava products. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

*International Shipping Disclaimer:
All International customers, particularly but not limited to those in Germany, Switzerland and the UK please be aware of your country's possible import restrictions as Kava by Rex does not offer any refunds for any confiscated or "lost" parcels. As of 11-2013, we are no longer able to ship to Australia due to
Government restriction.

*Privacy Notice:
Kava by Rex never shares, sells, rents, or exchanges e-mail addresses or personal information to any third party or advertising companies, ever. Period.
All information collected including any e-mail adress and order history is stored in the extremely secure encryption algorithm: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit.

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Kava by Rex would like to give a huge "Thank You!" to everyone for all the love and kind support you have given us over the years. Also thank you for all of your wonderful comments! Here are just a few of them:

Hey Rex, I just received my kava Tongan pride today, and just wanted to complement you on the very fast rate shipping and the quality uppity/relaxing kava. This is my first experience where I have actually felt the effects of kava. Thank you!
K.S. Louisville, KY

Rex, a few months back I had just started using Kava. It wasn't working but I stuck with it following your advice. It works very well now, I am loving it! Thanks,
M.B. Aurora, CO

Dear Rex. Just a quick thank you note for what you provide. Got my Vanuatu3 tonight. Second order with KBR. I am very impressed. Got here so fast. Mixed it up and enjoying it now. Smoooth and fast acting. Keep up the good work..
D. K. Lawrenceville, NJ

Rex, my wife and I LOVE everything about your store, from the constant contact and shipping information, to the high quality kava we have received from you. Thank you! Sincerely,
S.S. Powell, WY

Hi Rex, I am a novice kava drinker and just wanted to thank you for your helpful FAQ and how to prepare page! I was getting some nausea so your tip to not eat before or after was especially helpful! Having fun trying new preparations and varieties. Thanks!

Hi, I just ordered Tudei Kava from you. I had a friend let me try some for my migraines and I couldn't believe how effective it truly was. Your product is the only thing I have that gives me hope. I have literally tried everything you can imagine and this truly works.
Thank you! S.D. Hobe Sound, FL

Hi Rex, Thankyou so much for having such AMAZING prices, fast shipping, and great customer service. Your my favorite hands down, and if I EVER need kava, or a friend wants Kava, I Know just where to go!
H.H. Austin, Texas

Hi Rex, and Aloha! Right now savoring a hearty amount of your Vanuatu Isa/Tudei… Man, what a pleasant tasting change. I really appreciate your involvement, and care you make with your clientele. You surely have my patronage and also my loyalty. How fortunate to have just stumbled upon your website as I did. It means more to me than I can adequately express. Thanks a lot!
D.K. Visalia, CA

Hello Rex! Just wanted to say thank you so very much, your kava is amazing as well as easy ordering and unbelievable fast delivery. Will be recommended to friends as usual. Thanks again.
D.M. Omaha, NE

Hi Rex, sometime back you said the Isa Tudei has very medicinal effects. I will attest to that and say it seems very true. I don't drink it all the time, but when I do, various aches and pains and other kinds of discomfort just seem to melt away. Pretty amazing stuff. Again, thank you for doing what you do.
Cheers, M.S. Petaluma, CA

Aloha rex. I just wanted to thank you for all you do to make fine kava at a great price and fantastic customer service. I've been drinking the fiji waka for months and its been a godsend. I use it primarily for sleep issues and I sleep like a rock every night.
T.W. Cheswick, PA

Rex! Fantastic, I bought the Isa/Tudei Kava, and it is fantastic. The first day, nothing, the second day, just a hint of "kava feeling", but the third day.... all i can really say about it is... WOAH! Im very impressed with your product, and I can tell from my research that your kava is most likley some of the highest quality that can be found, at prices that should be doubled because of the quality, but im glad there not! Im going to reccomend Rex to everybody, your guys ROCK.
S.S. Little Rock, AR

Hey Rex! I ordered my very first batch of Kava from you and LOVED IT! It works just as you describe it and it gives a sense of well-being like nothing I know. Relaxing, restoring, clarifying.... it just melts the stress away and lets me sleep like the dead. Thank you for the quick (and friendly!) service and amazing products! THANK YOU!!
C. W. Reno NV

Hi Rex. I'm new to Kava, looking into it because of anxiety and insomnia issues. Just wanted to say thank you because I can tell you're not profiteering, but wanting to help people, offering high-quality kava at a good price. You have earned a repeat customer already. Your kava has helped me. Keep it up.
J.S. Dallas, TX

Rex, the Fiji Waka grade is fantastic!!! I can't wait to try some of your other strains.
Update: The Tongan Pride is fantastic too and is exactly like you describe on the description. 2 thumbs up!
A.W. Tulsa, OK

Rex, I have tried the tongan pride kava a few times and its very enjoyable. Thanks a bunch. Oh also, I would like to thank you for your service, I have always received my order very fast and exactly what I ordered. Your shipping prices are unbeatable, I will not shop for kava anywhere else now.
P.V. San Diego, CA

Hey Rex, just got the Tongan Pride, I love this stuff. It helps so much with social anxiety, plus 3 day shipping all the way from Hawaii to boot. You run a hell of a business, keep up the good work.
S.W. Southington, CT

Aloha Braddah!
This Tongan has teeth! Very impressed! You saved the day for us, been out for quite awhile, this is a nice treat! Just hit gallon #2 and we are flying! Much Mahalos, bro!
J.B. Maui, HI

thank you rex its a pleasure to buissness with you,i am enjojing your fiji waka very much,it is hellping with my depression-anxiety+arthritis. its very uplifting-calming+great pain killer. also forums class kbr (Kava by Rex) tudei as the most medicinal kava ever. i suffer with osteoarthritis in both my feet+mykees. well i drank 6 shells ofyour isa in 3 hours,and all pain in my joints had gone,icould not believe it. impressive. surely it must be thestrongest kava,congratulations. I recommend it to anyone in need. wishing you well your friend+customer for life.
J.R. Welsh Valleys, UK

Thank You Rex!! Kava By rex brings the best kava to the market for the best price. There are no comparisons out there. In either quality or price per pound. Thank You Rex for such a trustworthy place to buy kava from!
D.P. Manlius, NY

Hi Rex,
Thanks a lot for providing my kava! I find it to be an extremely welcome stress-reliever most days and am happy to have a great quality, friendly and reasonably priced source. Have a great day!!
D.C. Seattle, WA

Rex, Just wanted to commend you on your fast shipping, good quality product and reasonable prices! I've enjoyed kava from other shops, but none compare in terms of quality, price and shipping speed. You've got another loyal customer. Can't wait to try the Fiji Waka. I loved the Van3 and Tongan Pride.
C.M. Los Lunas, NM

Rex, I LOVE ALL OF YOUR KAVA! I have referred 6-8 people to your site, and ALL of them love your kava too, I myself am a repeat customer and so are they now. I don't know how you do it, you have such amazing kava and everyone I give it to loves it. Stay the same Rex, please. I LOVE YOU GUYS.
C.M. San Antonio, TX

Hi Rex, Just a note to say thank you for the swift and efficient delivery of my 2 lbs of Kava to the UK. I've had a fair bit of Kava and yours is smoother, tastier and much more rounded and pleasurable in its effects. I'm already looking forward to trying your other two varieties when I've finished these. Thanks again for the great service!
G.B. West Sussex, UK

Hello, I just received my Fiji Waka kava today and I made some several hours ago according to the directions that came with it (2tbs per 8oz) and it had a real nice calming effect that is lasting for awhile and I think it tastes pretty good. I wont be buying any capsules anymore they hardly did anything. You will most definitely be my go to for kava from now on. Thanks again for the great kava!
M.F. Montrose, PA

WOW!, your kava is the real deal, Rex.
I've only ever had instant extracts before and read on many forums that the whole root is so much better. After trying your Tongan Pride I can say I'm a total convert to the whole root and the traditional way of doing it. Your instructions for preparation worked very easily for 3Tb per 2C water- Had a cup last night and the other this morning with my cofee. It's potent stuff. For sure I'll be trying your whole range of kava soon. All the best from Scotland.
M.A. Rothesay, United Kingdom

Aloha Rex
I too had some blood tests recently and my liver function was perfect, along with everything else... COOL!... This is testament to the purity of your kava because i must say i have taken it to limit more than once and drink it all the time,,, your advice on drinking lots of fresh water is very good too btw... Also i have been having a little billtong and mangoes with my session and i find it amplifies the effects for about 30mins (sometimes too much)... Mahalo,Awa Kahuna....
J.D. Godalming Surrey, United Kingdom

Rex, your isa is freakin amazing! VERY potent!!! But still smooth and great flavor. Id like to pick up about 4 more bags this weekend sometime. Ill let you know.
J.K. Honolulu, HI

Hey Dood,
the Tongan Pride ROCKS!!!! Followed your instructions, and I had fantastic results.... your kava actually tastes good! Added a teeny bit of pineapple juice and coconut water and it is actually delicious! Great effects too .....complete mental clarity and total relaxation (without being sedating). I am definitely going to be a repeat customer of yours.... It is a pleasure doing business with you. You have a great product, PLUS you are a genuinely wonderful and caring individual. Thats a home run in my book!
C.F. Seattle, WA

Hi Rex
Your Fiji Waka is great! I read some good reviews about your kava and it has been a real godsend. For the past few weeks, I've been feeling anxious and worried about an upcoming surgery. Your Fiji Waka kava has made a noticable difference, and helped me to calm down and become more accepting of it. many blessings....F.W. Grand Junction, CO

Aloha Rex! Wow brah, I recently tried your Fiji Waka kava and this 'awa is WAY good! It really mellowed me out, with a smooth relaxation that I have not gotten with other kava. And that Tongan Pride is no ka 'oi! Best 'awa I ever had. Was gonna get Tudei but like this 2 much! Can't wait to try your other varieties :-) Malama pono, brudda Rex!
S.H. Honolulu, HI

Aloha Rex, I would just like to thank you for all your professional advice concerning my favorite herb :). And of course sharing these fine kava examples, in all my years with kava i have never had such potent root. Mahalo pilialoha
J.D. West Midlands, United Kingdom

Rex, Thank You it’s such a pleasure to deal with a professional company with such high quality product and at such a reasonable price. Love the Tongan Pride, Fiji1 and ISA is killer. Please keep it up.
E.M. Bradenton, FL

Hi Rex, I just wanted to give a bit of feedback. I've tried several kinds of Kava before, with very little success with any of them. The very first time I tried your Kava it was a great experience. There's no doubt you've got some great quality products, I look forward to placing another order soon. The Fiji Waka is very peaceful and relaxing. Thanks!
- S.S. Equinunk, PA

Hey Rex. Just wanted to say thanks for the kava! After many different sessions, I have come to like your tongan pride kava over any other I have tried. It is, by far, more effective than all others I have tried for anxiety relief! With different strains of kava being so different from one another, maybe this can help someone who is looking to use kava for the same reasons I am. Have a great day!
B.B. University Park, IA

Wow Rex, this Waka Fiji is the best kava I have ever had and I've tried pretty much everyone on the web. It's feeling like the perfect kind for me. All my depression and anxiety are gone. Thanks, and stay in business! I'll be looking forward to my next order :)
W.C. Denver, NC

Ho! Just tried the Fili1 along with my reorder of Tongan Pride. Hui! Dats killah!!! Just order 2 mo poundz! E thanks e! You are always finding the best kava for the best price. Mahalo Bruddah. Many times!
Your da best Bruddah. You make me famous round hea. "Hey D, you bring da Kava?" 6 years with no booze! Getting easy. Thanks for the alternative, It saved me. Mahalo Plenny!
D.C. Gary, IN

Hi Rex,
Aloha and thanks. I have been using the Kava to help with Fibromyalgia and anxiety type issues and your Kava has been the best I have had by far. I purchased this last batch to mix and share with my colleagues at work.
I tried the fiji1 and it was really good. I then mixed the Fiji1 and Waka Kavas together (2 tablespoons of each (4 total) to 4 cups of water). This mixture has got to be the best Kava I have ever had!
Thank you for providing such a great product and great prices.
T.W. Gig Harbor, WA

Hi Rex!
I am writing to you to thank you for providing such an outstanding product!
I've tried other Kavas, and I must say, your Waka Kava is exquisite. If one were to compare Kava to coffee (which are actually opposites), your Waka Kava is like an organic, sun-dried, wood-roasted Kona coffee--14 days from harvest to brew--fresh ground and minutes after the brew. I know because I've had such Kona.
Your Waka is smooth and delicious--not only in taste but in the effect. Even after somewhat over-indulging--the mild after-effects,the next day, are pleasant. Bless you for offering such an ancient, highest quality product! You may use this quote on your site. I mean every word. Thanks again, A loyal customer,
C.W. New York City, NY

Thanks for making everything clear. I understand that kava root is very safe to drink, and that the laws were passed because the wrong part of the plant was used in an extracted product, many countries reversed the ban because of the inaccurate information. Thank you for your time and assistance Rex, I'm really looking forward to sampling your products after reading about the excellent reputation that your products carry.
Update: I wanted to let you know that your kava has excellent properties that promote well being and relaxation without the 'edginess', I just wanted to give you some good feedback :) I am very happy I found you! I will be purchasing again when I start to run low.
D.R. Kent, UK

Thanks for the kava Rex! It's Incredible! Very potent and at an awesome price! Too bad I just paid $30 for a half pound from another vendor, I liked yours better and it was so much cheaper! Will be back for more soon!
C.S. Youngstown, OH

Hi Rex,
The least I could do to thank you for giving me a great introduction to kava, would be to write a few words about how pleased I was after ordering from you. I was very impressed by your service. Your speedy replies to my emails made ordering stress-free and easy and my order arrived sooner than I had thought so I needn't have been concerned about my kava getting to the UK.
The kava itself is fantastic stuff; it's clear that you take care when selecting what you sell. I can't wait to try some of your other varieties - I'll be sure to order again in the future. Thank you very much.
T.K. West Midlands, United Kingdom

Hey Rex. Your Isa Tudei is da bomb. So strong! Of course I could make it up weaker, but hey, why do that? I like not being able to finish the big bowl, stay ready for next day. 3 maybe 4 shells and I am done for good. I would tell your other customers -Dont be scared. A little goes a long way.
Mahalo Nui Loa!
Z.C. Gary, IN

Hi Rex,
I just wanted to say thanks very much for the top quality kava i ordered from you recently, both the service and kava are great. The price of your kava is also fantastic, cheapest i've seen it anywhere! This has been my best experience with kava so far, so i think i shall be sticking with you from now on. Looking forward to doing lots of business with you in the future.
Thanks again!
M.H. Paisley Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

Aloha Rex!--
As a terminal kidney cancer survivor of 5 years, kava has been a literal Godsend for me in so many ways. It's helped to ween me almost completely off synthetic narcs like oxy, demoral, hydrocodon, vicodin & alcohol.
The clean "feeling" I get with your Vanuatu3 kava is very impressive indeed! :) It's so choice! It's by far one of the very best, if not the best hands down-- ain't no doubt about it. I'll be sure and spread the word. :) Be back in a few weeks or so for a couple of lb's of Fiji & Isa. I guess i'm a Kavaseeur Connoisseur. You have a loyal customer. LOL. :D
Well Mahalo & hope you have a nice day,
J.E. Orlando, FL

Aloha Rex,
I just received the kava today. It seems it cleared customs with no trouble at all.
I just sampled some of the Vanuatu Special Borogu2 after a long day at work. I am very impressed with the quality of this kava. I could smell the kava as soon as picked up the package. The strength is very good and quite energetic for kava. It tastes pretty good actually - nice and numbing! No nausea compared to the last kava I tried a couple years ago. I have to agree with your description of this kava having a cerebral effect. I will try the Isa/ Tudei closer to bed time.
Thanks for the excellent customer service and superb kava. I can’t believe I waited two years to experience the wonders of kava again.
Have a super day,
J.P. Nova Scotia, Canada

Ono stuffff you get.
We'll be picking up from you wayyy more often. Mahaloz for da awa!
M.B. Waipio, HI

Hey. Just thought I would drop you a note on the Vanuatu 3. It is REALLy strong, all good too. It seems a bit like the borogus, tastes different but the punch it packs is pretty spectacular in my humble opinion. Thanks for letting me know about it..
Sincerely; R.M.M. New York City

Hi Rex, I just ordered for the second time ever from you. The first batch was AMAZING and this time I went with the more expensive one. I plan on getting my friends together and making a night of it! Just wanted to thank you for doing what you do and having a way superior product. You Rock!
S.S. Northfield, NJ

Aloha Rex!
It arrived today! Thanks a lot, very nice Kava. I tried half a tablespoon of the Special Borogu2, I love it! Looking forward to explore it further this weekend, when I don't have to think about getting up early for work. I have already recommended Kava by Rex to several friends. I will definitely order from you next time I get some Kava, but judging from this huge stash, it'll be a while. :) Until then, all the best!
A.O. Helsingborg, Sweden

Rex, I struggled for years with alcohol addiction and kava has turned out to be an excellent alcohol alternative. Not sure I'd be sober without my Kava! I have ZERO complaints about your service. Product is great, shipping is fast, and ordering is super easy...thank you,
M.C. Valparaiso, IN

Hi Rex,
Shipping from Hawaii to NYC in three days--fresh beautiful mature Kava Waka; the best I've had--this Kava results in a very nice focus of thoughts. Thank you Rex! I will be re-ordering! Thanks again and happy 2010!!
C.W. New York, NY

I just got the kava today! I already tried some of the new Vanuatu, and it tastes smooth not bitter. The effect is the same as the kava that I got from you last time--strong body as well as mind effects.
A.L. Honolulu, HI

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the quick delivery and consistant service I recieve from you every time I buy kava. I have a very busy schedule and just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. I look forward to placing another order in a month or so.
Sincerely, J.N. Eugene, OR

Hi Rex,
got the 'tea' a few days ago.Sampled the wares last night with my bula-brother.Excellent kava indeed!
W.V. The Netherlands

Good stuff, Rex. Yummy in my tummy. Mellow, groovy, stuff.
J.K. Lafayette, IN

Rex's Borogu is the very best Borogu I have ever tried. Robust flavor and mello but very strong effects! The Maga is quite formidable as well. I am very happy to have gotten them just in time for the holiday season. "No thanks on that egg-nog, Aunty"
R.M.M. New York City, NY

Aloha, Rex! Great Product! Great Price! Mahalo for hooking me up so quickly and easily. Really liked the Waka (strong). I will look forward to doing business with you in the future and will recommend you to my Ohana. Aloha!
D.C. Gary, IN

I'm truly enjoying the first order of kava you sent me! And am looking forward to my next shipment. For a depressive insomniac, this stuff is a true godsend! Thank you Rex!!
P.T. Jackson, WY

I just received the Vanuatu 3 limited kava and I must say it is fantastic. I have quite a bit of kava experience, have tried many varieties and this is among the strongest and most pleasant I have tried. Very mild taste, good numbing effect, very mind affecting in a great way and stress reducing.
In the pacific islands they often keep the best kava for personal use and I think you somehow got a hold of some great kava that is not often exported. Thanks for sourcing this great kava. It is such a healing plant and I wish more people would use it instead of alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs.
J.C. Altamonte Springs, FL

Aloha!!! The Borogu2 Rocks the house my friends! A truly excellent Awa and can't wait for my next shipment to arrive.

Got the kava today! Super fast shipping and it makes a nice tasting, potent brew. Many Thanks!
A.G. Fallbrook, CA

... you really do got some ono stuff bulleh!
S.N. Honolulu, HI

Aloha Rex,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the kava and tried out the new Borogu. Thanks! I like the combination of body and cerebral--and also the fact that I can't feel it at all the next morning.
S.M. Quebec, Canada

I per your instructions mixed about 2 gallons of Kava drink, I was pleasantly supprised at it's effect that I experienced. Thank you Rex, for everything!!
G.J. Honolulu, HI

Got the kava just 20 min. ago! I'm having some right now, and the new Vanuatu tastes really fresh; I'm getting a really strong mind/body effect from it as opposed to just one or the other. Can't wait to try the other stuff!
A.L. Oakland, CA

Yeah! Tu of each. Dats it. Mahalo Nui Loa Rex. There are few things left in the World that I can count on. You my friend are one of um!
D.C. Gary, IN